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Woman The Human

The blog talks about real-life issues in the women world. From health, fitness, beauty tips, makeup trends, fashion advice, style, decor, food, lifestyle, inspiration, education, work life balance, career, relationship management, parenting, motherhood and even politics and justice. The blog features several tips and stories on these themes that not only women, but men can also read and benefit from.

If you are looking for interesting topics and stories to read about, visit this blog, and you may find some information that will be helpful to you or at least, to entertain you!



Dr. Satgurupreet Kaur alias Kaural is a techno-functional seasoned professional with expertise in Business Development, Human Resources, Marketing and Corporate Communications. She is a PhD in Human Resources and an MBA in International Business and Human Resources.

She owns the label Kaural Artistry (@kauralartistry) which customizes handcrafted art and craft d├ęcor. She is also a Blogger of the food blog Dash ‘N’ Dishes (@dashndishes) on Instagram. She is a coffee lover, painter, social ninja, and a strong woman.